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LEAPTM for Manufacturing: Ready to use Algorithms

Preventive Maintenance

  • Anomaly Detection
  • Failure Prediction
  • Causal-factor Identification
  • Life Expectancy Prediction
  • Downtime Duration & Productivity
  • Maintenance Recommendation
  • Improved Asset Utilization


  • Seasonality and Demand Modelling
  • Price Elasticity
  • Price Optimization
  • Price Recommendation- Maximum Revenue, Minimum Inventory
  • Warranty Analysis

Resource Allocation and Optimization

  • Demand Flow Analysis By Time
  • Capacity Allocation
  • Dynamic Scheduling
  • Dispatch Optimization
  • Idle Time & Response Time Insights

Integrated Demand Planning

  • Historical Data Analysis –CRM, TMS, WMS, Seasonality, etc.
  • Real Time Analysis -Point Of Sale, Weather, Social, etc.
  • Demand Sensing & Planning
  • Inventory Management
  • Warehouse Optimization

Supplier Risk Management

  • Global Supplier Risk Assessment
  • Real-Time Shipment Visibility
  • Supplier Comparison & Performance Analysis
  • Supplier Group Classification
  • Shipment Delay Projection

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