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Today, most organizations are sitting on mountains of unrefined data; unsure how to store, process or utilize it to deliver business benefits. CAIA, Conversational Artificial Intelligence Assistant uses Natural Language Processing and cognitive AI technologies to deliver business insights at speed of thought for accelerated decision making. It is a digital platform that connects all heterogeneous data sources into a single unified interface. It’s a perfect business intelligence companion that monitors metrics and curates proactive, personalized updates everyday through voice and texts.

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five Takeaways from a Successful Digital Transformation Approach

5 Takeaways from a Successful Digital Transformation Approach

INTRODUCTION In past few years, Digital Transformation is perhaps the most discussed topic in business aisles. It rightly brings the promise to transform the future of business, of society, the way we live, work, interact etc. According to IDC, direct spending on Digital Transformation between 2018-2021 is predi...

5G Poised to Fuel Supply Chain Innovation

There is a great deal of hype around the 5G technology and this hype should be taken seriously because 5G is widely believed to be smarter, faster, and more efficient than 4G. Although this much-talked-about technology is a long way away from being widely deployed, it is seen as a potential game-changer across the global marketplace. 5G brings to the table several key differentiators such as...

A Focus on the Real-Time CDP: What makes Adobe’s solution unique

The Adobe Experience Platform (AEP) is a Data Lake, Data Science Platform, Customer Data Platform (CDP), Advanced Analytics & Attribution Solution, and Journey Orchestration Optimization Tool. There is no more complete end-to-end data management solution available to the CIO & the CMO today.

Accelerating Digital Transformation with Edge Computing and IoT

Organizations are increasingly focusing on reducing lag time in data transmission and processing as well as reducing the amount of data transmitted and stored in the cloud. Enterprises are feeling the need to transform the way they handle computing and are embracing Edge Computing to accelerate their Digital Transformation initiatives. The traditional cloud-based architecture is built around...

Adopting DevOps Can Help Organizations Accelerate Operational Efficiency

Rising customer expectations and cut-throat competition are creating a strong need for organizations to adopt DevOps based approach to accelerate operational efficiency. There’s a great deal of buzz around DevOps as it can integrate the development and operation teams of organizations. DevOps enables formerly siloed roles – development, IT operations, quality eng...

Advanced Security Analytics for digital enterprises

Advanced Security Analytics for digital enterprises

The Challenge According to, thousands of enterprises have been hacked despite security point-solutions in place for years on end – SIEMS, firewalls, end-point solutions – you name it! In today’s world, billions of signals are coming in, and data is flying al...

American Chemical Society Discovers a Formula for Digital Transformation

Despite its excellent reputation, the American Chemical Society, one of the world’s largest nonprofit scientific organizations, needed to modernize their membership experience to establish more intimate and meaningful relationships with members. There was immediate need to connect to members, deliver personalized and relevant resources and increase membership growth...

As-a-Service Models Shaping the Future of Software Industry

The software industry is witnessing a never-before-seen demand to deliver products and enhancements not just at a breakneck speed, but also at a reduced cost without compromising on quality. Products also must be able to integrate across multiple systems. The global Saas market is growing at a rapid clip and is expected to be over $157 billion and yet profitability is shrinking. How can you gro...

Blockchain Promises to Fix Counterfeiting & Address Reverse Logistics Challenges

The global menace of counterfeiting has not only hurt profitability but also tarnished the reputations of organizations. According to a report released by the OECD and the EU’s Intellectual Property Office, counterfeit goods represent 3.3% of world trade. Much of the supply chain-related counterfeiting vulnerabilities are linked to the various nodes that make it ...

Business models that never existed before but will dominate the future

Business models that never existed before but will dominate the future

It is not the technology that provides excellence in this digital era but the business models that are built to leverage this technology as the backbone.Uber, Netflix and Airbnb are successful ex...

Creating an Empathy-Driven Member Experience with Magento

13000+ new member acquisition in 4 just months by implementing a modern and robust e-commerce platform for American Chemical Society (ACS)

To grow and sustain in this digital world, membership-driven businesses need to go beyond just selling products or services—they need to have a holistic engag...

Data-Driven Hyper-Personalization via A4T (ADOBE ANALYTICS + ADOBE TARGET)

Data-Driven Hyper-Personalization Via A4T (Adobe Analytics + Adobe Target) Summary Organizations are increasingly realizing the positive impact of nurturing customer relationships that can pave the way for enhanced customer loyalty and higher customer retention. Organizations are undertaking Hyper-Personalization initiatives by leveraging omni-channel d...

Digital Marketing – New Battlefield with New Strategy and New Weapons

Digital Marketing – New Battlefield with New Strategy and New Weapons

The year 2019 will be marked in history as a breakthrough year for Digital Marketing, especially in the United States. For the first time, digital ad spending will surpass traditional expenditure. According to eMarketer’s forecast, total digital ad spending in the US will grow by 19%, reaching US$ 129.34 billion in 2019. This accounts for 54.2% of estimated total...

Supply Chain using Next-Gen Technologies

Future-proof your Supply Chain using Next-Gen Technologies

Rapid spread of Coronavirus, from China to the rest of the world, has been an unprecedented shock for global supply chains across all industries. According to WTO, global merchandise trade for 2020 is set to plummet by 13% to 32% due to covid-19 with biggest impact on North America and Asia. Legacy supply chain structures were already susceptible to disruptions like a pandemic, geopolitical ...

How Augmented Reality Can Reshape the Future of Supply Chains

Organizations are increasingly adopting a customer-centric approach aimed at providing faster, reliable, secure, and accurate services across their supply chains. This is where Augmented Reality (AR) has emerged as a go-to-technology for organizations to optimize their supply chains. Augmented Reality in supply chain management can drive enhanced efficiency by performing traditional tasks fa...

How Frictionless Omnichannel Digital Customer Experience Can Propel Business Growth

Delivering an enjoyable omnichannel digital customer experience is no more a choice but a business imperative for organizations. Customer loyalty is no longer dictated by price or product but by the kind of experience, customers receive from brands. Today, digital consumers enjoy navigating a wide range of channels and shopping journeys, which makes it imperative for organizations to provide a ...

How IoT can help Small and Medium Enterprises kick-start their DX journey

How IoT can help Small and Medium Enterprises kick-start their DX journey

Internet of Things or IoT, with its web of interconnected devices, is revolutionizing the way we engage, live and work. From wearables and autonomous vehicles to industrial supply chains and connected machines, IoT can provide tangible benefits everywhere – to people, governments, and organizations of all sizes.  However,...

How Low-Code/No-Code Can Shape the Future of Software Development!

For decades, the software development process has been considered complex and a long-drawn-out one. The work was carried out by teams of developers who had time to think about how best to build and deliver applications to their customers. How times have changed. Over the last year, the majority of the world has been grappling with working remotely. This is driving more demand than ever to deliv...

How Organizations can Leverage Digital Supply Chains to Accelerate Business Growth

Organizations are paying more attention than ever to digital supply chain management in their efforts to turn them into powerful growth engines. In a perpetually connected ecosystem, enterprises are challenged to meet growing customer demands for providing speed, convenience, and accuracy. Today, customers not just want products in their hands faster than ever bu...

How will long-term Work-From-Home impact innovation, collaboration and mental health?

The large-scale disruptions unleashed by Covid-19 has foisted upon us a never-before-seen new normal. The enormous impact of the pandemic was globally felt as it compelled organizations to opt for the Work-From-Home (WFH) model aimed at protecting their workers’ health as well as ensuring their businesses do not suffer. [vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]<...

Making the case for Advanced Security Analytics

Making the case for Advanced Security Analytics

With increased adoption, usage and proliferation of data, all organizations are trying to become digital. However, it also increases the probability of security threats and breaches. To sustain in this digital economy, enterprises need to invest in cutting-edge technologies that provide real time visibility in to cyber risks and help create mitigation plans accor...

Manufacturing & B2B Experience Optimization

Manufacturing and B2B organizations need to transcend their website, which may include attention-grabbing products, their services portfolio, and inspiring mission statement. Organizations need to have a robust web presence to wow the well-informed and digital-savvy customers of today by delivering relevant experiences at every stage of the customer journey. ‘Exp...

Mitigating Unproductive Service Order Truck-Rolls Applying Advanced Machine Learning

Mitigating Unproductive Service Order Truck-Rolls Applying Advanced Machine Learning

The significance of service order truck-roll productivity is something that cannot be overstated.Without a well-coordinated service order truck-roll, we wouldn’t have our internet and cable installed.From the customer’s point of view, correct installation is an imperative because they cannot function without a reliable Wi-Fi in homes and offices or anywhere else....

New Age Economic Resiliency Imperatives: Empathy Driven Experience and Frictionless Commerce

New Age Economic Resiliency Imperatives: Empathy Driven Experience and Frictionless Commerce

In the last few years, the breakneck, rip-and-replace digital transformation phase has evolved into a more strategic customer-first activity. Gone are the times when millions of dollars were allocated for large-scale digital transformation agendas, now organizations are evaluating tools and products more holistically and concentrating on maximizing ROI.   In the new Covid-19 impacted...

Smart Warehouse Management Solutions: Augmenting Operational Efficiency for Organizations

Warehouse management is increasingly becoming complex with time. Meeting ever-shifting customer demands is a never-ending challenge for organizations. The surge in e-commerce globally – a trend accelerated by the Covid-19 pandemic has led to a proliferation of stock-keeping units (SKUs) and challenged organizations to ensure efficient and faster delivery of produ...

Solving Supply Chain’s Big Problems – Value Chain Visibility & Demand Matching

Solving Supply Chain’s Big Problems – Value Chain Visibility & Demand Matching

Supply chains, despite enhanced planning and management, are not immune to exceptional, unforeseen events. While careful planning and increased integration of technology can help in mitigating the impact and shortening delays, they are nowhere near enough to deal with global problems like the one we currently face. The Covid-19 pandemic tested and broke even the ...

Supply Chain Data Analytics Need to Prescribe Actions

Supply Chain Data Analytics Need to Prescribe Actions

Supply chain management is an essential part of all businesses and plays a vital role in success and failure of an organization in today’s connected ecosystem. A resilient supply chain can help to reduce Opex, improve financial position and boost customer experience. While historically, corporates have invested heavily on...

Transformation of field service operations

Transformation of field service operations

Organizations today are trying to find new ways to engage with their customers by exploring different touchpoints across a range of consumer journeys. The idea is to create a highly engaging customer experience by using next-gen technologies like Analytics, Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to transform field service operations. The strategy is trending now. Companies...

Transforming Reverse Logistics through the Digital Route

44% of retailers say their margins are negatively affected by handling returns, and 37% of companies cited software as the main impediment in handling Reverse Logistics. Reverse Logistics is not just about the part or the product coming back. There are so many other facets that touch the Reverse Logistics Life Cycle, and organizations are looking at different software, platfor...

Why User Design Experience is So Important in Software Development?

Designing great products that will stand the test of time is challenging in any industry. Nowhere is this more evident than for companies that work in Software Development. Whether developing applications or platforms, focused on end consumers or employees in a company, Software Development companies need to make User Design Experience an integral part of all asp...


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